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When valuable assets are at risk of vandalism, or theft within or outside of your perimeter, a real-time IP surveillance monitoring with good image manager is an ideal solution.

Xfontworks Resources is an end-to-end video IP surveillance solution supplier. We solution offers professional, full-featured, high definition IP surveillance cameras, video management software and video analytics that are seamlessly unified. Our solutions are customized for all markets through the comprehensive support of pre- and post-sales service tools and utilities.
Knowing that high quality, reliable security cameras keep a vigilant eye on your facility even when you are not there can provide you with tremendous peace of mind. Investing in a scalable end-to-end solution that integrates with your existing IP network makes great business sense

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CCTV cameras that know when it’s day and when it’s night

Our home security cameras automatically switch between day and night modes so you can be sure they’re always getting a good view of any intruders.



Record up to 30 days of constant footage

Even when you’re away from home – such as on holiday – your CCTV system is still active and recording in the background. There’s space to capture a month of footage, and when set to motion-activated mode, you can store even more.


Have eyes everywhere

Our CCTV systems can combine up to eight high resolution home security cameras, so you can keep an eye on every corner of your property at the same time.




Your specific requirements are unique and so our no-obligation site survey will help us to design the right solution for your needs. You may want a simple solution that monitors the main entrances to your building or office. Alternatively, you may need something a little more complex, using 360-degree CCTV cameras to give you full coverage of a space combined with site-specific cameras that constantly monitor a precise point.

Our job is to understand your needs and the security risks within your building in order to provide you with the best solution.

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