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Website Usability

Why Should You Consider Website Usability Testing?

One of the key values of a business is to gain more customers and make more money. In order to achieve these core business objectives, there are vital factors that are needed to be considered and these include improving the user friendliness of your website. To achieve this you need to understand how your prospective customers are using it after you must have developed your web presence, if not learn how to develop your web presence.

Usability testing is an imperative aspect to the success of a digital product or services

Usability testing is a way to evaluate how easily users can accomplish a given task on your website or digital product. In a usability test, a representative user is asked to complete a task, typically while being observed by a test facilitator in order to discover potential user problems. The representative user is asked to talk through the thought process out loud while completing the task so that the test facilitator can understand the thought process behind the representative user’s actions. The test facilitator carefully monitors the user’s actions and listens to their elicitation.

Usability testing is especially important for websites. Overall your website performance will be determined to some degree by its usability; in order for visitors to convert on your website, they should have the flexibility to effortlessly navigate and explore the web pages and carry out actionable tasks. In addition, people will gain satisfaction using websites that are natural and simple to explore and navigate but will discontinue using websites that are confusing. If you notice that prospective users are not returning to your website, or are not using it the way you intended, you may need to address some underlying usability issues. A website usability test can confirm that a problem exists so that you can solve it quickly.

Written by Obruche Orugbo
Expert UI, UX Design (Sunderland, UK),
Founder Clevenovia UX.

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