To unleash your creative juice and spring out of the ordinary, there are few simple techniques to help you discover great ideas that can help you run your business smoothly or improve your career:

Bank your New Ideas

The creative process begins when you discover or begin to focus on a problem you which to solve, or a service you have decided to provide: You want to be your own boss and start working from home, you want to find new clients and keep the ones you have or you want to break-even. These are examples of problems, however cultivating the right mindset and generating the right ideas to solve these problems might be months or years away but the first essential step is that you know what you are looking for and ideas will soon begin to hit you.

Charles Darwin theory came to him while riding in a carriage, similarly, Archimedes got his idea while having a bath. However, both of this great scientist  received their insights after years of examining the problem. You must know ideas don’t just happen there need to be a connection, just like the popular saying nothing happens by chance. As an entrepreneur, you need to be alert because ideas will strike you at any time but most of us don’t bank our ideas we just let them slip away after giving them a few thoughts. There is need for verification, once new ideas hit you, you need to evaluate it objectively to know if it’s a good one.

Example: If your idea is a new app or services as prospective customers, clients what they think about it, the point is to get as much feedback as possible, ask for ways to refine the ideas to make them better.

The power of Preparation

Will Smith and Chiwetel Ejiofor; the actor of 12 Years a Slave. spend time preparing to build themselves for the future, for example, Will Smith have to take private shooting class to prepare himself for the movie Suicide-Squad. My point is that with a problem well defined, failure to do your homework and failure to investigate possible ways of solving a problem are as good as not having an idea at all. So you should take notes, talk to others, ask relevant questions and gather enough information to push your ideas forward, this will help you come up with a more refined solution to solve the underlying problem. Remember, the best idea will come to you when you do their homework, there is no hidden secrets.

Nurture your Ideas

After preparation, you may feel more frustrated and think you are making no progress or sometimes from too much information regarding the problem. However, this is part of the progress of finding new ideas and making them real. This is the most interesting part because here is where your subliminal takes control because your most important decisions are made at the subconscious level. All you need to do is stop working on the problem or worry about it, sleep on it, take a break and let your thoughts go underground. It is also important to know that this period may be long or short. However the case maybe you should be aware that creative thinking requires that you give your subliminal time to work.

To help your mind expand here are some few questions get you started

is there a new way to solve this ?

Can I make it bigger or smaller?

How can I rearrange the order of things, subtract something from it or add something to it?

What if I do the opposite?

How can I make it better, faster, or cheaper?

What else can be adopted?

Who else has used this?

What if I do nothing?

How can I make this more salable?


Soon your will become an innovator!