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How to get a job easily and level-up your career?

1.determine your objectives and have a vision for your future

-Focus on the field you love
do you want to be an electrical designer in construction field or industrial automation engineer or sales engineer or substation engineer or even do you love teaching?

-write a strategic plan and key performance indicator to evaluate success at reaching targets

-how long it takes to achieve your goals?

2.get work experience

enroll in courses and communicate with instructor help you to get practical experience and shorten the way to be job ready and get certificate to show job interviewer your skills

internship is a short term job that gives you experience in real workspace

-volunteer work
volunteering is unpaid work help you gain skills and ask about opportunities

3-create contact list and connect with your contacts
create profile on LinkedIn, LinkedIn is a professional social media platform help you build your personal brand and communicate with employer and employee.

4-job search website and apps
indeed helps you in your online job search to find jobs in certain location.

5-prepare to ace the interview
take the time to write targeted resume and cover letter that specifically link your qualification to the hiring criteria for the jobs you are applying for.
taking the time, in advance, to prepare for an interview will help you succeed.
the more prepared you are, the less stressful it will be.

wide variety and high pay clients are now posting jobs in hundreds of skill categories, paying the right price for great work.

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