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5KVA Inverter Installation

Inverter and Solar PV Installation Requirements

5KVA Inverter Installation

The basic and important requirements for inverter and solar PV installation.
Solar photovoltaic system
or solar power system is one of renewable energy system which uses PV modules to convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity generated can be stored or used directly, fed back into grid line or combined with one or more other electricity generators or more renewable energy source.

Solar PV system is very reliable and clean source of electricity that can suit a wide range of applications such as residence, industry, religious house agriculture, livestock, etc.

Major system components

Solar PV system includes different components that should be selected according to your system type, site location and applications.

List of components

The major components for solar PV system are solar charge controller, inverter, battery bank, auxiliary energy sources and loads (appliances), all are key for Inverter and Solar PV Installation.
Solar PV module – Converts sunlight into DC electricity.
Solar Charge Control – Regulates the voltage and current coming from the PV panels going to
battery and prevents battery overcharging and prolongs the battery life.
Inverter – Converts DC output of PV panels or wind turbine into a clean AC current for AC
appliances or fed back into grid line. There are different capacity 850VA/12V –      30KVA/360V of inverter
Battery – stores energy for supplying to electrical appliances when there is a demand. A particular number of battery to a particular capacity of inverter.
Load – is electrical appliances that connected to solar PV system such as LED lights, radio, TV, computer, refrigerator, etc. The load determines the capacity of inverter to use.
Auxiliary energy sources – is diesel and petrol generator or other renewable energy sources.

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